Woman Arrested for Trying to Open Southwest Airlines Plane Door Mid-Flight – NBC Houston

HOUSTON – Passengers on a Southwest Airlines plane taking off from Houston recently received a tremendous scare when a passenger tried to open an aircraft door at more than 30,000 feet.

According to the description of the events registered in a complaint before a federal court in Arkansas, the woman even bit a passenger who tried to stop her. The woman’s action forced the plane to make an emergency landing at the Little Rock airport, even though it was headed for Ohio.

The woman, according to documents filed in the Federal Court, assured that “Jesus told her to open the door of the plane.”

The now arrested -34 years old- would have walked to the back of the plane where she tried to open the hatch.

According to the testimony of a flight attendant, which rests in the complaint, the woman asked several crew members if she could look out the window near the auxiliary seat of the flight attendant.

Despite the fact that it was denied by the entire crew team, it forcefully tried to unlock the exit door in mid-flight.

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Several passengers tried to contain the woman and one of them was even bitten on the leg until they managed to control it.

The suspect was taken into the custody of federal authorities after the plane landed at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

The passenger who was bitten received treatment at a local hospital and was reported to have post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

In the documents, obtained by NBC’s Houston affiliate KPRC, the woman told authorities she planned to go to Maryland to stay with a family friend who was a pastor. Apparently, she left her house on Saturday without notifying her husband and she did not bring any luggage and was traveling alone.

The woman faces charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with crew members and flight attendants.

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