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The woman loved her bull terrier so much that she had his face immortalized on her arm – with his ashes in ink.

The existence Tier is a family member, every pet owner will probably confirm. And as with a beloved family member, the loss of an animal is a stroke of fate for the master or mistress. Many memorialize their deceased companion – perhaps in the form of a gravesite, in the form of a picture or – in the case of Robyn Moscrop from Birmingham (UK) – in the form of a special one Tattoos.

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Dog mom Robyn Moscrop was hit hard when Bronson, her three-year-old bull terrier, died unexpectedly last year. After her four-legged friend Freund had been cremated, an employee of the crematorium said that the ash of the dog mixed with ink and for her next Tattoo could be used. So the 27-year-old decided to have a permanent memory of him tattooed on her left upper arm. Bronson’s ashes were mixed with ink and her friend, tattoo artist George Ricketts, created the design based on a portrait of Bronson dog.

Eight hours later

It took eight hours for the souvenir to be finished. “Seeing the tattoo finished was really emotional, I cried,” Robyn said. “Having his ashes on me means he will always be with me no matter what.” Now she has adopted another bull terrier, two-year-old Alabama.

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