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A woman of the USA comes giving much to talk about in social networks as TikTok for revealing that she had a date with a man, but that he did not want to pay for dinner because she refused to be intimate with him.

An evening gone wrong

The woman, identified as the user @ Alaska.Gurlsays that an aspiring couple behaved in the worst way when he was sent to the friendzone. It all happened when they both went to dinner at Applebee’s Grill + Barthe evening was going relatively well, until he insinuated that after lunch they could go somewhere else to have sex, but the woman did not agree to such claims, after which she refused to pay for what our protagonist consumed.

In the images we hear that she claims: “Are you really going to make me pay?”In that, the waiter gives each one two separate tickets and we find out that the man asked that they be charged separately. The woman questions him again about his decision, but he tells her: “Will you give me some butt?”to which he receives a categorical “no”then gives you your ticket for consumption ($47.74) so that she cancels it herself.

He doesn’t want to take her home

But this does not end here, because the tiktokerIndignant, she replies with: “fuck you”while the subject abruptly replies: “You see? That is your problem. You don’t want to (have sex)”.

Far from ending the discussion, it continues, because the subject, insisting on his shameful attitude, says: “Hey, how do you plan to get back home?”she insults him again, but insisting that he must take her back, but he replies: “Do you have gasoline? (money)”, “¡No!”was the answer he received.

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After revealing that she is recording it, the woman approaches the subject and says: “Guys, he’s making me pay for my food because I’m not having sex with him. It’s a shame, look at this man. Never go out with him. Don’t give him his number. just run”.

Opinions divided on TikTok

The video, so far, accumulates over 3 million views and, according to what has been hinted at by The Postboth would not be possible lovers, but rather lovers in conflict.

Thousands of users left their comments, most of them supporting Alaska.Gurlalthough some do not: “Men are not required to pay for your food. You ate it, you pay for it. Unless he has offered to pay for it first.”, “Who does he think he is, waiting for a stranger to pay for his food and then demand a ride home?”, “he is not well, but she is not better”, “I’m sorry, but as a man, when you ask a woman out, you pay. You are the one who approached her and asked her out of it. It makes sense for you to pay.”, “If you can’t afford to pay for a woman’s food, you can’t afford to ask a woman out. Spot”.

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