Woman Sentenced to 23 Years in Life after Murdering Roommate Here’s the Reason –

A woman who murdered her friend and dismembered her body after refusing to have sex with her has been jailed for life with a minimum of 23 and a half years.

Gareeca Gordon, 28, murdered Phoenix Netts, also 28, at the property where they both lived in Birmingham on April 16 last year.

Gordon, a Jamaican national stabbed Miss Netts four times, causing fatal injuries, before cutting her body into six parts with a circular saw she bought from Gumtree for £ 45.

Gordon admitted to killing Ms Netts after being accused of stabbing the former student to death at the HMO property the two men shared in Lozells, west Birmingham, on April 16.

The killer pleaded guilty to the murder a few days before she was tried.

Prosecutor Andrew Smith QC said the victim told a friend in February that Gordon “demanded sex with her” and became “aggressive” when she refused.

On April 7, she texted a friend: “There is a girl here who keeps asking me to be sexual. I think I’ll go back to London. It scares me lol. “

Bristol Crown Court learned that Gordon called the Samaritans on April 11 and appeared ‘tipsy’.

“The focal point of the call was that Ms Gordon was describing that she loved another woman and wanted to have sex with her,” Mr Smith said.

“At one point, Ms. Gordon said that her kidneys were warming up or were hot. “

Ms Netts’ last known contact was a phone call with a friend in the early hours of April 16.

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Internet searches including “how to fix a punctured lung”, “internal bleeding” and “can someone recover after being stabbed” were carried out on her phone between 2:00 p.m. and 3:07 p.m., according to the court. .

The victim had been stabbed four times in the front of the torso, but according to an autopsy, she would have survived if she had obtained prompt medical help.

Another woman living in the shared accommodation heard drilling and clicking noises, as well as cries of “help me, help me,” Smith told court.

She said Gordon had gone to “considerable effort” to dispose of Ms Netts’ remains and to pretend she was still alive in “cold and calculated” messages to her friends and family.

“You have impersonated Ms Netts in a substantial number of WhatsApp messages to her mother, including requests for money,” the judge told Gordon.

“You pretended to be her in messages. You noted expressions that Ms. Netts used while listening to audio files that Ms. Netts had on her phone.

Gordon had never been convicted, except for two shoplifting offenses. She had been diagnosed with a personality disorder as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sentencing Gordon to life with a minimum sentence of 23 years and six months at Bristol Crown Court, Judge Judge Cutts described Miss Netts as a “deeply loved” person.

“His future was bright, bright and promising. A new start awaited him, ”the judge told Gordon

“You stole this new beginning from him. You took her from the supportive parents who loved and cherished her.

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Judge Cutts told Gordon that her personality disorder may explain “part of” why she killed Ms Netts, but that it did not “twist” reality for her at the time.

Madam Justice Cutts said: “Gareeca Gordon for the murder of Phoenix Netts, I sentence you to life imprisonment.

“You will serve a minimum sentence of 23 years and six months. After that, it will be up to the parole board to decide when, if at all, you should be released.

“If you are ever released, you will remain licensed for the rest of your life.

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