Woman shot driver while traveling with her 4 children in the car

A woman from Florida, United States, who was driving with her four children on a highway in the northwest of the state, was arrested on charges after shooting at a truck that was traveling on the same road, injuring its driver and trying to get the vehicle off the road. .

Ciara Croteau, 32, of Ponce de Leon, Holmes County, was arrested last Sunday and charged with aggravated assault and firing a firearm from a vehicle, in addition to receiving four charges for child neglect.

In a statement, the neighboring Walton County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that Croteau was arrested for the New Year’s Day incident on a highway near Seymore Drive.

Croteau allegedly tried to remove a truck off the road, shot contra this and injured the driver in the upper part of the left arm, according to a witness to the incident.

The witness summoned by the Police, who, like the victim of the shooting has not been identified, said that when the vehicle Croteau was driving approached the truck the woman fired.

The truck driver he tried to flee, but Croteau continued to pursue him until they reached a residence in BH Reddick, in the town of Ponce de León.

When agents of the Policeman local, the woman “reversed and fled the area at high speed,” according to the statement.

Agents “quickly” located and detained Croteau, who was traveling in a white Nissan sedan occupied by herself and her four children, all under the age of 13.

The firearm was recovered and entered into evidence, the Walton Sheriff’s Office added.

The reason why the woman shot the truck driver has not been disclosed so far. (EFE)

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