Women with a Ural character: a sentry in a colony

A gentle and caring mother and a sentry in a strict regime colony: a resident of Rezha Anastasia – she asked not to give her last name due to her duty – despite the harsh work in the GUFSIN system, she does not cease to be a real woman. Events continues a series of special reports for International Women’s Day.

At home, a gentle and caring mother, at the service – a sentry in a strict regime colony. Senior Warrant Officer Anastasia has been working in the system for over 13 years. Surrounded by bars and barbed wire, her soft voice becomes as hard as steel:

“Do you have any prohibited items, cellular communications, weapons? – Not. – Come on in for inspection.

Immediately after the institute, Anastasia got into the ranks of the guard officers, and began to spin: practice shooting, uniform, severity and order. Today the senior warrant officer is among the best workers. She receives a weapon, is instructed – every step is brought to automatism. Further, at his post, the sentry checks everyone who passes into the territory of the strict regime.

Anastasia, sentry checkpoint IK-10 of the GUFSIN of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region: “At that time I was 21 years old, I was blissed out from the service, there were a lot of emotions from the fact that I work with weapons, I really loved going to shoot, shoot … Those close to me were shocked by my choice, but over time they got used to it, because this armor cannot be moved, because if I decided so, this is my choice. ”

In the hands of a bag in the color of a military uniform: after work, Anastasia has a long road ahead. For the sake of her beloved work, she almost every day drives several tens of kilometers from Rezh. At home, a son is already waiting for his mother – here, instead of a register, a school diary, and instead of cold weapons, hot tea.

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Anastasia, sentry checkpoint IK-10 of the GUFSIN of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region: “All the same, in a family with a child it is much softer, work is some kind of responsibility, our system develops rigidity in employees. At home you still try to be softer, but the exactingness does not go anywhere, I am demanding of him, and at work I am demanding, and I am also demanding of myself. ”

Ilya, son of Anastasia: “Together with my mother we do our homework, we have a rest when we are going on trips, we always go with her. She can be strict, she pays a lot of attention to my studies, but when I am good, she is very affectionate and sweet. ”

Together they do their homework, watch films and programs together: a strong character and love of order are integral attributes of Anastasia’s service, which also help in raising an eleven-year-old son.

Olga Onegova

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