Wooloo is playing the cutest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings

Episode three of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, the ongoing series of animated short films Pokemon sword and shieldThe Galar region is all about the Wooloo, which was trained by rival Hop in the game.

The aptly titled episode “Buddy” examines the relationship between Wooloo and Hop, especially how Hop’s efforts in the Champions League put Wooloo under pressure. Hop is in love with the power of the Charizard, who was trained by his brother (and league champion) Leon, and causes Wooloo to sneak away and put his skills to the test.

Wooloo was one of the first Galar Pokémon ever to be unveiled, and it quickly became a fan favorite, spawning waves of fan art and sparkling brilliant hunters. It’s literally a cute little lint ball – what’s not to love? As you’d expect, an animated short film about Wooloo’s Helter-Skelter escapades is extraordinarily adorable. Wooloo sulks, baas, cries, baas even more and pretends to be Charizard.

(Photo credit: The Pokemon Company)

My heart.

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