World Medical President Montgomery for compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for nursing staff

After Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), World Medical President Frank-Ulrich Montgomery is also promoting compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for medical staff.

“For nurses and medical staff, a job-specific mandatory vaccination against Corona makes sense,” said the chairman of the World Medical Association in the newspapers of the Funke media group. “Anyone who deals with vulnerable groups has to be immunized” – either through having survived the COVID-19 illness or through a vaccination.

In the long term, Montgomery does not want to limit mandatory vaccination to individual professional groups: “In the long term, we need a general mandatory vaccination against corona.” However, sufficient knowledge about long-term side effects of the vaccines would have to be available for this. CSU boss Söder had previously discussed mandatory vaccination for nursing staff, but this proposal met with broad criticism.

The human geneticist Wolfram Henn from the German Ethics Council also pleads for a voluntary solution. “We should motivate positively,” he said on the RBB-Inforadio and pointed out that doctors are more willing to vaccinate. “If the doctor didn’t collapse after the vaccination – and she won’t – then that will also be motivating for the nursing staff.”

Söder has, however, defended his push for a possible vaccination requirement for nurses. “I am promoting a consistent and open discussion,” he said on Tuesday (January 12) after a cabinet meeting in Munich. “It’s the same as always with things like this, first of all it is said: No, it doesn’t work at all. So either we want to defeat Corona now or we don’t want to defeat it. ”Therefore, at least the debate has to be. “The federal government has to decide whether it will happen then.” Söder again expressly rejected a general compulsory COVID-19 vaccination.

“We have a compulsory vaccination for measles, there are legal bases in the federal government,” argued Söder. And he pointed out that the Ethics Council itself had said that one could imagine a clearly defined vaccination requirement. With a view to the current willingness to vaccinate among employees in old people’s and nursing homes, he said: “If the willingness to vaccinate improves dramatically, it is certainly not necessary. But if it stays that way for the next few months, then that is simply the area that has the greatest vulnerability and is the greatest challenge. “

The federal chairman of the Virchowbund, Dr. Dirk Heinrich, however, described the debate as “medical nonsense”.

German care associations speak out against compulsory vaccination for care workers. “Germany’s nurses do not need to be vaccinated against the corona virus,” said the President of the German Care Council (DPR), Franz Wagner, in a statement on Tuesday (January 12). “Coercion doesn’t create good solutions.” The Federal Care Chamber “doesn’t think much” of such a regulation.

Instead, the associations asked for more clarification. More targeted and understandable information and easy access to vaccinations for the staff are needed, said the President of the Care Council. “Compulsory vaccination could also have a negative effect on nursing staff who are already completely exhausted,” Wagner continues. The professional group should not now be condemned to a scapegoat.

The spokesman’s council for medical students in the Marburger Bund, on the other hand, advocates that medical students in their practical year (PJ) who work directly on patients in hospitals as well as doctors and nursing staff should also receive high priority for the COVID-19 vaccination.

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