World news – Turkish preacher sentenced to 1,000 years in prison

A Turkish court sentenced writer, preacher and TV presenter Adnan Oktar to 1075 years behind bars for 10 separate crimes. It is reported that he is guilty of sexual abuse of underage girls, NTV reports.

Adnan Oktar. Photo:

In addition, the court found Oktar guilty of creating a suspicious organization, political and military espionage.

What is known about the Turkish criminal

Adnan Oktar created the cult of “Islamic creationism”. He has written over 300 books that have been translated into 76 languages. He also had his own TV channel, which constantly showed the sermons of the man. People reacted negatively to this on the air, because his programs often included women in revealing outfits.

What is known about his sect

It is reported that the Octara group began its activities in the late 1990s. Women came there who wanted to study religion, but in fact they fell into a terrible sect – there they were constantly raped and bullied.

Oktar forced his victims to constantly adjust their appearance so that they were close to his ideal. In the photo you can see that all the girls have a similar lip shape, face and hair color.

The preacher was sentenced to 1,000 years in prison: dozens of victims fell into his sect - photo 2

When the police searched Adnan’s house, they found a lot of money, 70 weapons with ammunition, and a lot of birth control pills.

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