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Mexico City / 20.06.2021 19:25:23

The Diamondbacks, based on pure effort and motivation, were very close to giving the fly to the Dodgers this Sunday, June 20, in a game in the that they were losing 9-1 in the fifth inning, but in which made it 9-8 finishing the eighth inning. with the bats of Josh Reddick, Christian Walker, Josh VanMeter and Ketel Marte producing. Unfortunately for them, they failed to tie it, which means another defeat, which adds to the already achieved record of most consecutive defeats in the history of the franchise, in this case they add up to 16.

The game started with the Dodgers scoring a lot and often from the third inning getting five runs, to which they added two in the fourth and two in the fifth. Their offensive production ended there, giving way to the D’Backs will reply with two runs between the fourth and sixth, and a tremendous six-run inning in the eighth.

Since Friday, Arizona has surpassed the 14-loss mark in a row achieved between July 9 and 25, 2004, and lost its 38th game of 43.. The Diamondbacks have the worst record in the majors, 20-51.

Likewise, they still hold the record of most losses in a row on the road with 23 straight.

Who holds the record in the MLB?

In the modern two-league era, the longest losing streak belongs to the 1961 Philadelphia Phillies in 23 games. In the American League, the 1988 Baltimore Orioles hold the record for 21 games.

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