Wow! Movies to marathon with the human’s best friend

The first days of the year have shown us that 2021 comes almost as complicated as 2020: still studying or working at home for the Covid-19, with the end of the pandemic still distant and many purposes to be fulfilled.

However, for those who are at home, not everything is bad if they are accompanied not only by family but by their pets.

For those who agree that the dog is man’s best friend, we prepare three marathons to enjoy and forget about stress a bit of everyday:

“Lomitos marathon”

Where: Vix-cinema and free tv.

What is it about: The free service platform chose some tapes whose stories are verified by the benefits that dogs have on humans as for example in health.

These are the recommendations: “Ace, the best friend of the family”, about an officer named Daniel and his police dog. The dog is accused of attacking a suspect and Daniel’s task is to prove that this is not the case; During that process, your relationship with your daughter will grow.

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Other titles on the platform: “My Guardian Dog”, VIX – My Guardian Dog; VIX – Ace, the best family friend; “Downward dog”, VIX – Downward Dog; “The Love of a Dog”, VIX – The Love of a Dog.

“Animated marathon”

Where: Netflix.

What is it about: When it comes to tapes for children, there are classics starring the human being’s best friend. One of them is “White”, from 1995, based on the true story of the Siberian husky who guided a sled caravan who carried vaccines from one city to another in Alaska in 1925.

Another tape is “White tusk”, from 2018, which is based on the novel by Jack London about a wolfdog who must leave his wild side and learn to live with humans.

“Marathon to cry”

Where: HBO Go.

What is it about: There are many belts of dogs to cry on, especially if you are one of the sensitive ones that with each movement of your pet feels full and does not want that moment to ever end. Through streaming you can enjoy “A dog’s journey”, a film that talks about the reincarnation of a dog and how the lives of the different owners it has are changing. Caution: if you have a sensitive heart, prepare some tissues.

Another option on the same platform is “A dog year”, which shows us a writer in the midst of a crisis of age whose life changes with the arrival of a dog whose relationship will not be easy at first.



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