WWE RAW results for January 9, 2023

WWE RAW Birmingham, Alabama

Commentators are Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show starts, the commentators welcome us and Kevin Owens arrives in the ring. Owens says that in three weeks he will challenge Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble… Owens is interrupted by JBL’s music. JBL arrives on the scene and says that people here believe in Big Foot, Chewbacca and others, but no one here believes that Kevin Owens can defeat Roman Reigns. JBL introduces us to the talented Baron Corbin. Corbin says that Owens has no chance of beating Reigns. Owens is an underdog like Alabama for Georgia. Reigns will destroy Owens at the Royal Rumble. And if he makes it to the Rumble, he’ll go into the match, he’ll win it, and then he’ll become the WWE Universal Champion. Owens is discouraged in the ring. JBL tells Owens to show respect. JBL says that if Owens wants to take a nap, he can go put him down. Owens says that he falls into a coma just as Corbin arrives. Owens says that he has no problem beating Corbin if he has to. JBL approves.

singles match

Kevin Owens contra Baron Corbin accompanied by JBL

At the end of the fight, Corbin hits Owens and charges, but Owens blocks him with a kick and his Stunner for the count of three.

Ganador: Kevin Owens

– After the fight, Jey Uso arrives at ringside, Owens leaves the ring to block and hit him, but Jimmy and Solo Sikoa arrive to help Jey. Owens manages to grab a chair and fend off the Bloodline members with chair kicks.

– Back after the break, behind the scenes, Bloodline arrests Adam Peace. Jimmy says it was a message from the Bloodline. Pearce says that tonight there will be a tag team mix-up and the winning team will win a tag team title match. The Usos will be gone for the rest of the evening and Sikoa will have to face Dolph Ziggler whom she victimized.

– We present you a video of the fight between Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss last Monday on RAW. Commentators report that Belair was not injured by Bliss’s attack. Alexa Bliss lands at the commentators table. She says that Belair may be the champion, but she’s the only one here. Belair is not afraid of Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy, but of her, because he is the face of her evil. And she’s never felt better, because she’s taking control. He has the world in his hands and he is not afraid to use them to tag Belair and take the title. Alexa Bliss is interrupted by a video of Uncle Howdy asking her if she really feels like she’s in control. Smoke billows from the stage and Uncle Howdy enters the stage. hello he is laughing.

– Back, the fighters arrive. The match was about to start, but Bayley takes the microphone. Bayley says that he wants to send Becky Lynch a message. He knows that Becky is looking at her with her obsession with her. The party will be dedicated especially to Becky. He doesn’t know if Becky is jealous because she can’t have a friend. Maybe Becky is missing tonight because she can’t live with the thought of losing. Sky and Kai have been working hard, so she’s going to see them off tonight so they can go backstage.

singles match

Bayley accompanied by Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky vs. Mia Yim

At the end of the match, Michin has the advantage, but Bayley surprises Michin with a Roll Up with her feet on a cable to complete the three.

Winner: Bayley

– Commentators announce that Johnny Gargano suffers a sprained ligament in his shoulder and will be back very soon. Behind the scenes, Cathy asks Candice LeRae for an update on Gargano. LeRae says that Gargano won’t be able to compete in Tag Team Turmoil, but she needs to get back to 100% before fighting. Cathy asks what the future holds for LeRae. LeRae says that the Royal Rumble is coming, everyone dreams of that moment. Rhea Ripley arrives and says that LeRae is crazy for thinking that she can win the Rumble Match. She is ready to tear it to pieces to show it to you. LeRae says that she doesn’t have to wait for the Rumble. Ripley agrees.

– Back, austin theory He arrives in the ring and takes the microphone. The theory says that the champion is HERE! The truth is that he is the present and the present is forever. Where is our visionary? Where is Seth Rollins? He thought Rollins was going to defeat him, humiliate him, but Rollins’ old knee couldn’t take it. We know what happened last Monday, Seth Rollins was outclassed, Seth Rollins was taken to school by United States Champion Austin Theory. Seth Rollins’ music starts and he arrives on crutches. Rollins throws away a crutch and shows that he can finally walk on crutches. The crowd sings his theme song. The theory goes that the fans may be singing their theme song and it’s real, but the pain is real too. Rollins wants to pretend that he’s okay, but he beat him last Monday. If Rollins is the mountain of business, he is the pinnacle of business. Rollins is good, but he’s over it and he’s ready for great things. Like when he is going to win the Royal Rumble Match 2023. But there is more! After winning the Rumble, he will go to WrestleMania to emerge as the United States Champion and the new WWE Universal Champion.

Rollins asks him if he’s done. Rollins says that he needs to give an update on his knee. The truth is that his knee is not 100%. But his knee will be 100% just in time for him to win the Royal Rumble. Which leaves plenty of time for Seth Freakin Rollins to make it to the main event of WrestleMania. In the same way, he came here to hear the fans sing. The fans start chanting again. Rollins says that they will meet again at the Rumble. Rollins leaves the crutch and leaves the ring, but Bobby Lashley’s music begins! Lashley passes Rollins on the ramp and approaches the ring. Theory tells Lashley to stay out of the ring, Lashley is the past. Lashley enters the ring, dodges a kickstand and throws Theory! Lashley takes Theory out of the ring. Lashley says it doesn’t matter who is at the Royal Rumble because he’s back. His suspension is over and he can’t wait to get all the fighters out of the ring.

– Back, the fighters arrive in the ring.

singles match

Rhea Ripley contra Candice LeRae

At the end of the fight, Ripley does her Riptide on LeRae for the count of three.

Ganador: Rhea Ripley

– Behind the scenes, Byron Saxton stops Bobby Lashley to learn his details about his participation in the Royal Rumble. MVP arrives and says that he would like to speak privately with Lashley. Lashley refuses to shake MVP’s hand. MVP says that Lashley should thank him for bringing him back to RAW. He wants everyone to get together to review the good things they do together. He convinced Adam Pearce to realize RAW needs Lashley, same for Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Lashley says that she can’t forget what happened, they will stop here for the night. MVP says that if Lashley changes his mind, he knows where to find him.

– Back, commentators announce that Money in the Bank 2023 will take place in London, England (details here).

– We present part 2 of the video about the return of Cody Rhodes.

– Behind the scenes, Cathy asks Dolph Ziggler what he thinks about before their match. Ziggler says that he is still focused on being the best. Bloodline has crossed the line, so he’s here for revenge. Mustafa Ali says that he just left Pearce’s office, who told him that Ziggler turned down Tag Team Turmoil to face Sikoa. Ali says that Ziggler owes him a favor, why is he now wasting his chance to become champion? Ziggler says that tonight is not about titles or about Ali.

– Back, behind the scenes, Byron Saxton asks Bronson Reed why he helped The Miz. Reed was going to respond, but The Miz arrives. Miz says it’s because the two help each other. Reed is a bully, but also someone with an ethic. If someone plays with him it is with both of them. He also wants to invite Reed as a VIP for MizTV, whatever for his friend. Reed says that there is no us, that if Miz wants something he has to pay for it.

singles match

Solo Sikoa contra Dolph Ziggler

At the end of the match, Ziggler lunges at Fameasser, but Sikoa blocks him and hits him with a Samoan Spike for a count of three.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

– We present you a video of the story between Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

– Back, behind the scenes, Cathy stops Bayley to know her reaction to her victory. Bayley says that it was a message to Becky and the entire roster that Damage CTRL is the dominant clan. Michin arrives and says that Bayley is showing that he has to cheat. Bayley says that she is proud that Michin is coming to face her. The difference between her and Becky is that she is not afraid to accept help from her to kick his ass. Damage CTRL starts hitting Michin! Bayley tells her that she never supports someone who is far away.

– Miz arrives in the ring for his MizTV.

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