Yaroslav Maguchy: “The sector is my front, where I have to defend my country” » Athletics

The most successful Ukrainian athlete of today, Yaroslava Maguchy, in an interview with Olympics, spoke about her experiences related to the war that Russia unleashed:

“I remember that day when I woke up from the explosions. I realized that it had already begun. We went with a guy out of town first. But it was very difficult to go – the roads were crowded, the planes did not fly, because all the airports were bombed. It was very difficult. But still we decided to go to Khmelnitsky first.

There was a training camp of our small team that went to the World Cup. But, finally, we arrived in Seria and there we began to train more calmly: without sirens, without explosions. Therefore, it was calmer. But we still constantly read the news, were in touch with relatives.

Probably the most difficult moment was when I said goodbye to my family, to my dad, because I didn’t know, even now I don’t know when I’ll be back, when I’ll see them. It was probably a difficult moment: when I said goodbye to my dad, I gave my cat away … It was very difficult.

But then, on the way, you somehow realize that you need to compete, you need to defend your country in the international arena, show people that Ukraine exists, it is fighting.

In my head when I was presented with my gold medal (World Indoor Championships), there were thoughts: We did it. We have come a long way.” What I said that I would jump as much as I could, I did. And when the anthem started playing, I really wanted to cry. Our banner was raised in the international arena, which shows the strength of the will of our people.

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I read the news and cried. And so I want to go home. But you understand that you definitely will not return home until the season is over. Because it is very difficult to leave again. You sat down like that, cried, then got ready – you need to train and everything will be fine.

I thought: “Why should I go to the World Cup now? Am I going to jump? And then I realized that this is my front, this is my sector, where I have to defend my country.”

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