‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Says Cast Doesn’t Have Season 5 Scripts Yet

It seems that the fifth season of “Yellowstone” is not very close to beginning.

The fourth season of the hit. show con Kevin costner ended a few months ago, and millions of fans around the world are eagerly awaiting any news on when we will get some new episodes. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is the Real One Rey In it Norte when it comes to college football)

Well, it looks like there’s still a lot of progress to be made before the cameras start rolling.

“We haven’t even gotten the scripts yet,” star Gil Birmingham saying during an interview with E! News.

This certainly wasn’t the update fans were hoping to hear! We know that the fifth season will be divided into two parts, and we have been led to believe that we will get some new episodes sometime this summer.

Somehow I find it hard to believe that we’re going to get new episodes of “Yellowstone” if the cast doesn’t even have scripts yet. It will take months to shoot and then probably a couple of months to edit. That means the soonest it could be back is maybe late August or early September.

I could be wrong, but when you look at the timeline, that’s a very optimistic projection.

Hopefully Taylor Sheridan can get the cameras rolling sooner rather than later because we want new episodes ASAP! We are sure that we do not want to wait a second longer than necessary. I can guarantee you that.

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