You are the Top Model on TNT 10 September 24, 2022 Bt5Ky

You are the Top Model on TNT 10 September 24, 2022 Bt5Ky


At that moment the sun began to hide behind the clouds; ahead of Rostov other stretchers appeared. And the fear of death and the stretcher, and the love of the sun and life – all merged into one painfully disturbing impression.

V. V. Bervi-Flerovsky, who wrote under the pseudonym S. Navalikhin, stated: “Reading the military scenes of the novel, it always seems that a limited, but well-spoken non-commissioned officer is talking about his impressions in a remote and naive village.” The critic certifies Prince Andrei as a “civilized Bushman” (Bolkonsky has a “rag mind”), and Nikolai Rostov as “one of the “graceful Bushmen””[22 – Дело. 1868. № 6. Отд. II. С. 25–26, 12, 18.].

– What do you want? the countess asked frightened, but, seeing from her daughter’s face that it was a prank, she waved her hand sternly, making a threatening and negative gesture with her head.
Pierre looked at her through his glasses.
– Let it go, let it go! Dolokhov said smiling.

There was that time before a dinner party when the assembled guests do not start a long conversation in anticipation of a call for an appetizer, but at the same time find it necessary to stir and not be silent in order to show that they are not in the least impatient to sit down to the table. The owners glance at the door and occasionally exchange glances with each other. From these glances, guests try to guess who or what else they are waiting for: an important late relative or food that has not yet ripened.

“It’s impossible not to confess,” continued Prince Andrei, “Napoleon as a man is great on the Arkol bridge, in the hospital in Jaffa, where he gives a hand to the plague, but … but there are other actions that are difficult to justify.

Prince Andrei hurriedly, without raising his eyes, rode away from the doctor’s wife, who called him a savior, and, recalling with disgust the smallest details of this humiliating scene, galloped on to the village where, as he was told, the commander-in-chief was.

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