You have to be very careful

Denver (AP) – The experience from the anti-corona bubble will help the professionals for the new NHL season according to the assessment of ice hockey national player Philipp Grubauer.

“I think the bubble prepared us well for what is coming,” said the Colorado Avalanche goalkeeper. “Even here at home you can’t just go out to eat or have friends over. You have to be very careful. You can hardly meet someone who isn’t part of the team,” emphasized the 29-year-old from Rosenheim. “Even on trips out there you shouldn’t be sitting at the table with too many people, because even if we are tested, someone can be infected.”

The NHL season begins January 13th. Because of the corona pandemic, things are different from normal times. Each team only plays 52 main round matches and only meets teams from their own division. Colorado is in the West Division with Anaheim, Arizona, Los Angeles, Minnesota, San Jose, St. Louis, and Las Vegas.

“We’re creating a couple of mini-playoffs here,” said Grubauer. “But just because you play a team four times doesn’t mean they’ll do the same four times. You still have to read the game.”

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