“You have to see if Fabián wants to go for the fifth”

In the midst of the happiness that he lives after having crowned his love with Fabian Cubero with the arrival of Lucaher eight month old baby, Little Viscount He spoke of the possibility of continuing to enlarge the family.

It all started when Romina Pereiro asked him the question forced to his partner in Ariel in her sauce: “Would you go for another child?”, he inquired. To which the panelist was honest: “Yes, why not? I would love to, but we will have to see what the father says. It is necessary to see if Fabián wants to go for a fifth“.

“Yes, I want to be (mom again), but it doesn’t just depend on me. I would like one more. A girl and not a boy. I love babies and whatever comes. Although I am enjoying Luca very much, I would like them to be even in age, ”added Cubero’s wife, who she already has Allegra, Indiana y Siennacon Nicole Neumann.

I want two years at the most difference, no more. With my sister we are four years apartbut with my brother one and that difference is good and to be followed,” Mica closed.


Little Viscount revealed how does it feel to leave Luca with Fabian Cubero when he goes to work: “Today and tomorrow he stays with him while I work, I trust him, I left him two memesI know that if something happens he will give me a visa, he is a very present father ”.

“Surely there are those who say ‘oh, leave him alone’, and no, I leave it with the father, it’s perfect, I have to work too, stays with the sisters (Indiana, Allegra y Siennathe daughters that Cubero had with Nicole Neumann) also so we are perfect”, clarified the panelist from telef.

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