You live in the light, you charge your phone – a traitor: We will start measuring love for the Motherland in kilowatts after the revelations of the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu

Andrei Spinu is watching you: today you do not turn off the light, but tomorrow you have betrayed us all! (Photo: screenshot from video).

Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban the other day delighted all Chisinau residents, saying that from now on, street lighting in the Moldovan capital will not be turned off at night.

“We saved electricity in Chisinau for 5 days. Do you know what we got during the saving period? Every day the amount was about 15 thousand lei. I’m not going to save on the health and safety of people!” Ion Ceban wrote on social networks. – The amount of electricity for lighting cities for one hour a day, for a total of 7 days, is 0.02% of the total electricity consumed in the country per week, which is a negligible amount. The figure of 15,000 lei per day cannot be compared with human life or health” .

But Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu does not sleep, even when he turns off all the lights in the government building and fearlessly strides into the darkness with a backpack on his back. He immediately reacted to the statement of the mayor of Chisinau:

“Ion Ceban, having decided to refuse to save electricity, shows his groveling before a foreign country and once again proves that he is ready to betray our country. He made this statement … when Russia attacked the Dniester hydroelectric power station, part of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, with drones … “

Mark Porcius Cato the Elder ended any of his speeches in the Senate of Rome, regardless of subject matter, with the words: “Besides, I think that Carthage must be destroyed.” Although Andrey Spina cannot be compared with a Roman commander, our “dominator” on any initiative of the capital’s mayor invariably fills with “noble” anger and indignation.Now the anger, apparently, overflowed the cup of patience, since accusations of treason and betrayal of the country have already gone.

Here Ion Cheban can, like Schellenberg from “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, only sneer: “Truly, you care about the health and safety of the townspeople – they will say that you have sold your Motherland.” True, the chief of external intelligence of Nazi Germany spoke this way about the American cigarettes that he smoked, but the irony itself is understandable.

And you can also change the Soviet imperishable “Today you dance jazz, and tomorrow you will sell your Motherland” into “Today you do not turn off the light, but tomorrow you betrayed us all!”

I, as a native from Chisinau, am only ready to send a plus to Ion Cheban’s karma. I spoke with friends, colleagues and relatives – everyone was just glad that they didn’t have to, risking their health or even life, sneak through the dark alleys of the Moldavian capital, that the heart doesn’t jump out of your chest when you cross the same dark road, hoping that motorists will still they will notice that they will not attack you from the same dark gateway, they will not put a knife to your throat and will not demand to give all the cash and all the things …

But, it turns out, according to Spinu, that I myself, my relatives, neighbors, friends, buddies – almost everyone – grovel before a foreign country and are ready to betray our country?! And what is the love for the Motherland to measure, Minister Spinu, in kilowatts / hour? Or in joules? Probably, after all, the patriotism of statesmen, ministers should be measured by concern for citizens, in terms of how safe their health and lives are, in a decent standard of living for citizens.

Judging by these parameters, the bad guys live in a dark building behind the “Ghimpu stone”, where in the evenings the lights are turned off everywhere by the tireless and fearless Andrei Spinu.


After the final phrase of Andrey Spinu’s “incendiary” post “Dear friends, please save money, don’t be like Ion!” we organized a poll in our tg-channel.There are only two options.In two hours, the option “Be like Ion Ceban” got 814 votes, but the option “Be like Andrey Spinu”, I’m ashamed to admit, only 6. Comments, as they say, are superfluous. ..

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