“You need to love what you teach and love those to whom you teach.” New Time

Now the choirmaster is teaching four groups of children. The youngest is “Perpetuum mobile” (“Eternal movement”), the middle is the vocal ensemble Blue Bird, the oldest is the exemplary choral group Blagovest and the vocal ensemble DOLCE. Classes are held at the Children’s Leisure Orthodox Center in the name of St. Joasaph of Belgorod. Together with Anastasia, the accompanist is working with the guys Tatiana Visloguzova.

In addition, Anastasia Polovinkina is engaged individually with her pupils in art reading and academic singing. Children read classics and contemporary authors, poetry and prose. There are also many victories in this field in prestigious regional and international competitions.

Anastasia Polovinkina follows the pedagogical precept: “Teaching others, I learn myself.” After graduating from the Belgorod School of Music and the Kharkov Conservatory, she continues her studies at the Tambov Institute of Arts named after Rachmaninov at the choral conducting department.


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