You yourself did not invite me to a private chat –

The Manchester City mentor spoke about the difficult relationship with former partners in the Spanish Olympic team.

Josep Guardiola, getty images
January 07, 2021 11:15 am

The 1992 Olympic Games, which took place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, became one of the most memorable moments in history for Roja Furies. The Spaniards managed to win gold medals in football competitions, and Santiago Cañizares, Luis Enrique, Kiko, Roberto Solosabal and Josep Guardiola shone in the then national team.

In the future, these players managed to show significant growth in their professional careers, but their relationship leaves much to be desired. This is evidenced by the comments of the head coach of Manchester City, which he gave in an interview with the Spanish daily. Diario AS.

“During Barcelona 92 ​​we managed to form a brilliant team, the players of which, as I now know, continue to communicate in a private chat. WhatsApp… I have never personally participated in it. “

Santiago Cañizares, ex-goalkeeper of Valencia and Real Madrid, confirmed these words: “We are all in this chat, except Guardiola. This is probably because he is now the most famous of our group. He clearly does not look like a fool to communicate with us”.

Josep Guardiola responded to this sharp attack from the ex-teammate during the presentation of the film about the legendary victory: “Sorry Cañizares, but you did not invite me to this chat. The problem in this situation is clearly not me.”

The mentor of the “townspeople” also expressed the opinion that such behavior of former teammates may be due to his position in support of the independence of Catalonia, which is contrary to the opinion of other Spanish players.

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Recall that on the eve of Manchester City managed to win a ticket to the English League Cup final, beating Manchester United in a principled derby on the rivals’ field (3: 1). The next game of Guardiola’s team will also become a cup game – the “mooncats” will host Birmingham in the 1/32 FA Cup final.

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