Young man hunts 28 Burmese snakes in Florida for competition

A 10-day competition to capture Burmese snakes in the United States, Canada and Latvia was won by the young man Matthew Concepcion, 19 years old, who hunted 28 specimenswhich are considered invasive species in those places after being introduced by humans.

The young man, who captured the Burmese snakes in Florida, United States, was among the thousand people who competed for 10 thousand dollars (around 200 thousand pesos), reveals CBS Newswho maintains that the contest was held in 32 entities of that nation, as also stated the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in a statement.

The The Bergeron Everglades Foundation awarded the prize to the winner, but the winner was not the one who captured the longest Burmese snake. Dustin Crum was the one who had that specimen, the one that measured more than 3.3 meters long, having 1,500 dollars (about 30,000 pesos) for eliminating that specimen.

Among the rules of the contest it was considered that the participants had to record when they eliminated the snakesthose that are not protected by environmental measures due to how they are considered in the entities.

In South Florida SunSentinel, the young man who caught the most Burmese snakes said he has been doing it for five years. Among his ways to have them, he maintained that It goes at night, when the animals try to stay warm, helping himself with the lights of his vehicle. But he affirmed that this year he dedicated himself to making a dam in Everglades.

After winning the thousands of dollars, he stated that part of that money he decided to invest in more powerful lighting for your vehiclemaking it easier for him to capture more snakes.

“Our python hunters are passionate about what they do and they care deeply about Florida’s precious environment. We are removing a record number of pythons and we will continue to do so,” said “Alligator Ron” Bergeron, who serves on the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board.

The increase in Burmese snakes follows the destruction caused by the Hurricane Andrew in 1992, sustaining an increase in the ecosystem of South Florida, a situation that affected natural species in that part of the United States.

In CBS News they reveal that at the beginning of this year, a group of biologists detected the heaviest Burmese python on record in Florida, the one that had more than 97 kilos, about 5.4 meters long and 122 eggs that were forming in that place.

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