Yuri Fedorenko: We will never understand the inverted logic of the bunker dictator, but the Russians – it is “like honey”

Here’s the curv! Sorry…

Putin’s speech was announced by the Kremlin as such that they would “read-read”, “study-study”, and then also “re-read”. It would be that …, writes in his blog on Censor.net political scientist Yury Fedorenko.

Again, Putin’s empty talk. There is no point in retelling what Putin has been “telling” for many hours. Blame the West. Russia is white and fluffy, the last stronghold of civilization. Ukraine itself is to blame, especially since it is an artificial country created by Russia. But the Ukrainians are one nation with the Russians, although destitute of their own leadership. And all that stuff…

But how he lies! As written. So to distort and distort real facts, to present your own mediocrity of government, which led to Russia’s fall to the very bottom, and your own crimes under such a “sweet” sauce – you must be able to do this!

Recently, an acquaintance said that he was listening to some speech by Putin and caught himself thinking that he no longer understood the real state of affairs. So it’s in 5-10 minutes! And what about the Russians, who have been “poured into the ears” for more than 20 years? Poor Russia!

Looking at the accentuated attention and slavish respect with which the hall of the Valdai club perceived the Kremlin storyteller, shaking its empty heads approvingly and smiling at stupid jokes about Putin’s “priest”, which is already familiar to Putin, you understand that negotiating with modern Russia is absolutely groundless and unpromising.

We will never understand the inverted logic of the bunker dictator, and for the Russians it is “like honey.” You know, a very terrible association, a comparison, has arisen. When, unfortunately, a disabled child is born in a family, who is doomed not to life, but to existence, parents (real parents!) Try to give him all the best through their own tears, grief and despair, constantly supporting his hopes and expectations for recovery . Which is absolutely impossible… This is true parental self-sacrifice and love. Holy love.

The Kremlin antichrist also considers himself the “father” of the Russians. At least he talks about it all the time. And ordinary Russians, in their mental fogginess, also perceive it this way. And Putin, having brought the whole country to the point of losing common sense, brutally mocks “his children.” Decades…

And the disabled country does not understand this …

And will never understand. As long as Putin is alive, as long as Putin’s henchmen rule Russia, one and a half hundred million Russians are doomed to life in the “aquarium” that stands on the table in the office of a lifelong helmsman. Wanted – fed, wanted – changed the water, forgot to feed or give oxygen – the fish died. Some died, some survived. There is no difference to such an “aquarist” how many have died or live. More will be born. Something is swarming in the muddy water – it means that the “aquarium is alive”, pleases the eye and makes it possible to feel like a “god” for some creatures.

Aquarium fish have never understood and will not understand the behavior of the “aquarist”. He is everything to them! And the king and God and Fate and Life. So for modern overshadowed Russia, Putin seems to have become “everything.” One gets the impression that the umbilical cord of Putin’s lies, on which Russian society does not live, but survives, has so much replaced the real world for the population that with the disappearance or destruction of this “source of faith, hope and endless happiness,” the population of Russia itself will disappear and will follow its leader into some other astral dimension.

Maybe at least this way our planet will be cleansed of the dirt and stench of the Kremlin dictatorship.

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