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Yuri Kachnov carried his love for folk music throughout his life. The musician told our edition about why he has not parted with the accordion since the age of three and how he managed to preserve the original folklore ensemble.

In Kaluga, a holiday is not a holiday, if the folk amateur group “Lazori” does not perform. Authentic songs, charismatic soloists and soul-stirring music cannot leave you indifferent. The ensemble was applauded in Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and many other countries.

– The whole team is enthusiastic. Evgeny Lagutin drives his car from Sukhinichy to rehearsals twice a week! How devoted people are, – says the head of the folklore ensemble “Lazori” Yuri Kachnov. – But we are all already elderly!

Self-taught musician

Yuri Kachnov knows how to play all brass instruments, drums, horns and all types of harmonica. It all started with a simple plastic accordion.

– I was three years old. I still remember this tool. Yellow fur, he says. – And at the age of five I got a real accordion. And I probably learned to select music by ear in two or three weeks. I myself am from the village of Baryatino, Tarusa region. The village grannies shouted: “Yura, come in, sing!” Some will give seeds, some cockerels or fondant, some pies. Mom swears: “Well, what are you begging!” And I’m not begging. My name is. And I come.

Yuri recalls that rural life at that time was strikingly different from the present. In the villages, some played the balalaika, some played the button accordion or accordion. They did not part with music.

– Once Dad comes in, puts down his suitcase and says: “This is for you. Open “Opened – and there is a button accordion! – says Yuri. – Father to me: “Well, play something!” I take it, put it on, but I can’t play anything on it. I have tears flowing from resentment. And then my mother asks: how much did it cost. One and a half salary! Roar. Father: “I’ll teach him to play myself!” Every day Yuri’s father pored over the tutorial, first he parsed the material himself, and then showed it to his son.

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– Dad never played the button accordion. But my first teacher is my father, – says Yuri.

And already at the age of seven, Yuri accompanied an amateur village choir. He recalls that he was given a tool, from under which he was not visible – only his legs were sticking out. This caused a burst of laughter from the audience. But as soon as the boy started playing, everyone fell silent.

– Professional accordion player Mikhail Kozhukhov had a dacha in Baryatino. I heard that the kid was playing. He came to visit us and said to his parents: “He needs to learn. You are taking him to Moscow! ” – “Yes, he plays by ear, but does not know literacy!” And he began to read the letter with me.

But in the fall, the teacher left. The nearest music school is in a neighboring village, 12 km away. In Soviet times, this was an almost insurmountable distance. And Yuri’s father decided to immediately take the boy to Moscow.

– When I was in the sixth grade, Dad took me to an audition at the Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Conservatory. And they say to him: “We do not have a national branch! And you should go to a music school for a start! ” The father explained that there are no such opportunities in the village. And we were sent to the Gnessin School. Have arrived. Uncle came out. I still remember him. “What did you want? Have you brought the instrument? ” We didn’t take the instrument – we had to go far. “He will not play our instruments. Goodbye”. Here’s a trick. As a result, we went to the Central Music School. They listened to me. They admitted that I have perfect pitch. They said: “Leave the guy! We will take him, he will study with us, he will be fully supported! ” Dad was delighted, we came home, he tells mother. And she was in tears. So Yuri remained in the village.

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Exception to the rule

When he was in seventh grade, his father took him to Kaluga to audition for a music school. Here they were warmly greeted by the head of the department of the people’s department Mikhail Ulyanov. He not only watched Yuri play, but also took him to his home for a week to work out with him – to prepare him for entering the school.

– I consider Mikhail Alexandrovich the second father, – says Yuri.

A week later, the boy returned home with a stack of material that needs to be mastered in a year.

– I studied at home with tears. Well, you have to sit, duration, some quarters, eighths to play, and before – I heard and played. I think why I need it. And my father is strict. – “Come on, play!” I’m pyk-myk, nothing happens. “You won’t go outside today. If you don’t learn it in a week, you won’t walk at all! “

Willy-nilly, Yuri had to work hard. And he, not having a music school behind him, entered the music school. Moreover, at once into two departments – folk and wind instruments.

With a song through life

– Then I entered the Institute of Culture in Moscow. Married early. When my wife was in a position, she told me: “Choose: either the institute, or me!” Of course, I chose a wife. And then perestroika began: there was nothing to eat, where to knock off these pennies? I abandoned the institute, I already had sons, the weather. I went to the factory.

But Yuri did not part with music at the factory either. Indeed, before almost every workshop had its own ensemble.

– I got to the engine-building plant by distribution. We got together – a group of hard workers – and we got such a double for Kalinka, – says Yuri.

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And then he ended up in the ensemble “Lazori”.

– Initially, the ensemble was without instruments – ethnographic. Gradually, we introduced them: the saxophone, and the double bass, and the drums, not to mention the wind instruments – horns, flutes.

Lazori is an unusual team. In the 90s of the last century, the ensemble went on expeditions to the villages of the Kaluga region to record folk songs. We managed to collect about 800 songs.

– Each village, each district has its own dialect. We went away for weeks and wrote it all down. They also took tape recorders with them. As soon as the grandmothers sit down, as they begin to sing, listen – and only wonder. As such, they did not graduate from any conservatories, but some voices. Eight-voice songs were sung without knowing the notes! And everything is clear. These are nuggets. Now there are practically no such people. The carriers leave, – Yuri sighs.

And when in the villages the folklore ensemble gave concerts, the moved old women brought from the bins miraculously preserved unique Russian costumes with Kaluga embroidery and presented them to the musicians.

– We have ethnographic costumes, they are 100 years old. Abroad, they offered a lot of money for them. We explained that such things are not for sale. They have no price!

There is no price for the music performed by the “Lazori” ensemble. Years go by, generations, musical trends change, and nowhere without a folk song.

The desire to sing, to give people joy is what makes the team forget about all their illnesses, adversities and perform.

– Music is our life. What is life? This is a gift. You got up, you go, the sun is shining, you see a person. What else is needed? – says Yuri Kachnov.



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