Yvelines, a young woman attacked by eight men in the RER A

The 19-year-old girl suffered the attack this Saturday, January 2nd. The criminals then fled the station.

The attack took place yesterday, Saturday January 2, a Yvelines, a department of the Île-de-France region, France. According to reports The Parisian, a young woman woman, 19 years old, it was attacked from a group of eight people. The attack took place in the RER A (Regional Express Network), the suburban railway service of Paris, whose numerous branches connect the homonymous city from east to west. At about ore 16:00, on a train from Paris, the victim was dragged to the ground, violently beaten and kicked. The cause of the brutality should lie in a cell phone, that of the girl, stolen by the eight suspects. The latter, aged between 15 and 18, then fled to the sMaisons-Laffitte.

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The RER A group was made up of seven men and one woman: identified and arrested

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Among the accused, six come from the Seine-Saint-Denis; while the rest are from the French department of Oise and Charleroi, Belgium. The police managed to identify the eight attackers, all of whom were arrested by the anti-crime service and the Sartrouville security group, who used the geolocation system of the stolen phone to find them. Pending trial in court, those responsible for Saturday’s attack are currently in custody at the police station in the municipality of Sartrouville.

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Le Parisien quotes a police statement: “We are currently mobilizing to investigate further violence perpetrated by the gang. Considerable in this regard will be the analysis of other attacks in the same sector. “

Source: BFM Paris

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